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Why Smart Charging Station management System is the need of hour?

Why Smart Charging Station management System is the need of hour?
People think being a charge point operator is a fairly straight-forward job.
You scout out a perfect location, get the required electricity connections, install the charging station, and wait to see if customers start to use your charging station. But it has a lot more to it than what meets the eye!
The biggest problem faced by charge point operators is reliability.They have to make sure the electric vehicle charging station is always up and running at all times of the day. This can become really stressful as a number of failure points exist, including power failures, network issues, and improper handling of the connectors. If any of these malfunctions arise, it will not only result in a loss of business for the operator but also a loss of trust among their customers, who might not come back and use their services again. Now, if any of these failures occur, the operator sends a technician on site to figure out the problem and solve it, which is expensive as well as time consuming. But do you really need to send a technician to look into any issues with the charger?

A study done in California, one of the most EV dense regions in the world, showed that only 72.5% of chargers were operational. Most of the charging station operation management problems can be solved through a correct approach and intelligent technology. Our team at Sock8 has created a Charging Station Management System that, along with the basic functionalities and analytics, adds an intelligent layer that solves 80% of the operational problems remotely with just a few clicks away.
Reduce your downtime.
Sock8's Incident management system helps you to define proactive rules and set automated tasks based on real-time errors such as low operating voltage or when the connector reports an error. This can significantly reduce the required actions from on-site operations, saving charge point operators' costs as well as significant downtime of the charging station.
Data-backed optimizations of the charging network
Sock8 collects different data points for every charger, such as average usage time of the charger, length of the charging period on the charger, number of sessions done on the charger, and types of vehicle done on the charger to provide you with business insights and optimization strategies on pricing, upgradation, or downgradtion of the charging station at a particular location, helping you significantly increase your revenue and decrease your RoI period.
Automatic load balancing for fleets, residential and commercial buildings
Sock8's load balancing system automatically distributes power among the EV chargers to ensure that the cumulative load at a site will never exceed the maximum allowed capacity. With its optimization algorithms and machine learning, this becomes very handy where charge point operators have to install a large number of chargers with limited grid connection and load capacity.For instance, if 100 chargers are installed at 100 parking spaces in a residential building, the load capacity is much lower than what is needed for 100 chargers because it is uncommon for all 100 chargers to be in use at once. By restricting the power supply to the chargers and charging the vehicles more slowly, Sock8's load balancing system will ensure that even if all the chargers are used simultaneously, the power consumed by them will not exceed the total available load capacity at the site.The charging station management system from Sock8 can significantly increase the uptime of your network and draw an increasing number of EV drivers to your chargers thanks to its clever features. Please get in touch with us at https://sock8.io for more information on the charging station management system.
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