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Sock8's software has everything you need to manage your EV chargers, no matter what your needs are. We're always innovating and adding new features, so you can be sure you're always using the best software possible.
Admin Hierarchy
Manage subscription, disbursements, control & access from single dashboard for multi-level stakeholders in the business chain.
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Open charge point protocol(OCPP) compliant software allows us to serve you the latest and highest industrial standards.
Example of third party integrations in Charging station management software
3rd party integrations
integrate personal payment gateway, map and various other available  integrations to make the service more handy.
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Public-Private Mode
Set charger accessibility only for your employees or visitors as private or available for all in public mode.
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Price Plans
create multiple pricing groups and apply independent pricing for public and private users.
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QR Sticker
easily downloadable QR stickers to quickly scan & pay for EV Drivers at the chargers.
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Monitor your Charging network with real-time data insights. Review & analyze your business operations with statistics & data charts.
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Auto-generate & issue billing invoices for all transactions in easily printable format.
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schedule active-inactive hours for locations and daily public-private access for chargers throughout the weekdays.
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Integrate with public Sock8 APIs to enable charging on your in-house mobile app.
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With OCPI supprot chargers made available on personal branded whitelabel app as well as SOCK8 mobile app for higher outreach.
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Pay as you Grow
Launch & scale within no time with highly affordable subscription & licensing plans for the complete software stack.
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White label
Host self branded CSMS from custom domain & setup with personal brand-logo & colors. Along with white-label mobile app.
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periodically download customizable reports for operational overview and insights upon the charging network.
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Hardware agnostic
Integrate & setup any OCPP compliant charger in just a few clicks and start charging.
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Help & support
`24*7 online support and assistance available for things that never go wrong.
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Load Management
Remotely manage charging load distribution within sanctioned power limits for multi charger locations.
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Link any RFID charge keys to allow users to quickly tap, charge & go without the mobile app.
Sock8 API
Efficient Charger
Management with APIs
Sock8's APIs are made for developers. Save time and effort with our APIs, we've done all the hard work so your team can focus on building what you need.
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