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Sock8 is the only EV charging app you need. EV owners around the world use Sock8 for all their charging needs. Just click on the buttons below to download the Sock8 app for iOS or Android.
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Charging at Scale
We're trusted by charge point operators all over the world.
48 Hrs+
3.5k kWh+
Energy Dispense
Unleashing the Ultimate EV Charging
The Sock8 EV charging app has everything you need for EV charging, no matter what your needs are. We're always innovating and adding new features, so you can be sure you're always using the best app possible.
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Postpaid charging
Pay for your EV charging sessions through the app's wallet after use. It is a convenient and easy process.
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Pay for your EV charging sessions through your wallet. It's easy to add money using a credit card, debit card, or bank transfer.
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Quick and easy sign-up
Our quick and easy sign-up process takes just a few minutes. Start charging today!
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Locate charging stations
Find the nearest Sock8-powered charging station with our interactive charging station map.
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Track your usage
Track your usage with a consolidated transaction history, including sessions started from our mobile app.
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Schedule a notification
Schedule notifications to receive SMS, email, and in-app alerts after every charge, plus automated receipts.
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Real-time charging updates
Receive real-time charging data to track your EV's charging progress and ensure a timely departure.
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Reserve a charger
Set charger accessibility only for your employees or visitors as private or available for all in public mode.
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Trip planner
Set charger accessibility only for your employees or visitors as private or available for all in public mode.
Sock8 API
The smart way to manage your charging station
Sock8's CSMS is a cloud-based charger management platform that helps businesses of all sizes deploy, manage, and track EV charging networks. Sign up for a free today!
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